Pilates is a series of exercises with the aim of improving physical strength, posture, flexibleness and boost mental coordination. Apart from being a workout, Pilates boosts your energy and clears your mind. The modern world is loaded with stress and distractions. The most convenient form of workout to help eliminate these complications is through Pilates. Let’s look at some of the scientifically proven benefits of Pilates.

1. Pilates promote weight loss.
Pilates workout results to the burning of calories. The amount of calories lost during Pilates session depends on your workout intensity. Medical experts recommend Pilates as among the best weight loss programs.

2. Pilates enhances deeper muscle activation.
Deep core activation through Pilates helps in stimulating certain muscles, certain muscles in the body that may have been resting for an extended period. Regular manipulation of stagnant muscles lead to a better functioning of the nervous system. Better connection between the brain and the body tissues boost the nervous system as well as facilitating the discharge of stress-fighting hormones that can improve persons state of mind.

3. Pilates discharge stress rigidity in the body.
In the day to day activities, every human being must encounter stressful situations which cause stress hormones to build up in the body muscles. This may result in muscle spasms and hypertension. The gentle stretching and progressive conditioning by Pilates help in eliminating the stress hormones that rack-up in the body muscles. A successful Pilates workout will assist in metabolising the stress hormones.

4. Pilates aid in controlling emotions.
A psychological study shows that breathing and emotions are firmly connected. Various emotional states are linked to specific breathing patterns, which implies that a certain breathing pattern can evoke a particular emotion. One of the fundamental principles of Pilates is breath. Pilates enables an individual to control his/her breath. The breathing techniques acquired through Pilates can be applied in various life situations to cool the mind and handle an emotional situation.

5. Pilates improves memory.
A study by scientists indicates that hippocampus, a brain portion in charge of memory, is gradually lost as one gets older. Various recent studies have confirmed that body exercises such as Pilates improve neurogenesis, the formation of new brain cells. Research proved that people develop an exceptional brain function after a series of mindful body practices like Pilates.

6. Pilates increase creativity.
An open and creative mind enables human beings to come up with an intelligent way of dealing with life’s challenges. Exercises and mindful body practices such as Pilates have proven to enhance creativity. A Pilates workout gives better reactions for the mind and body.

7. Pilates improves body flexibility.
Unlike most exercises which involve movement in a single plane of motion, Pilates requires movement in various planes. Movements such as internal and external rotation, side bending, flexion and extension of the spine during the Pilates practices gives the body an increased field of motion. This additional body motion planes improve flexibility and reduce the occurrence of injury.

8. Pilates prevent injuries.
Most regular workouts aim at working out the same muscles. In such cases, weak muscles get weaker, and the strong muscles get stronger, which results in a muscular imbalance, the leading cause of injuries. Pilates programs the whole body equally. Pilates enables the entire musculature to be evenly stable, balanced and conditioned. Firm musculature allows an individual to carry out his/her daily activities with ease and minimal chance of injury.

9. Pilates eases back pains.
Regular Pilates sessions enable the stretching and alignment of stiff back muscles. The core that supports the back is also strengthened during Pilates. There exists specific spine strengthening Pilates exercises such as the roll-up. Body imbalances that result to poor body posture and back pain are quickly addressed through Pilates.